Rope access training videos

Simulations during working-at-heights where rescue operations are needed to assist in emergencies. These concepts are displayed in rope access training videos.

Rope Access Training Videos


Watch a series of Training/Instruction/Demonstration videos.

What are Rope Access Training Videos?

These training videos help to visually describe how we go about rescue operations that may occur in real-life situations while working at heights.

IRATA is the accepted International qualification required for work in the Oil and Gas sector being recognized for its strong safety records and professional standards throughout the globe, and Rope Access Training videos are used to prepare trainees for what they will experience during a training session.

The Industrial Rope Access Trade Association or IRATA, governs the International standard for the Rope Access disciplines of working-at-heights. Rope Access Training can provide you with a springboard to many industries in South Africa and beyond, being used to access almost any working task in a vertical environment using ropes. Beyond this the skills taught complement many other trades i.e. electrical, geotechnical rock stabilization work, NDT inspection, wind turbine maintenance and a whole host of requirements in power stations, docks and offshore oil and gas platforms.


Working-at-heights videos

We also use working at heights training videos to bring the concepts of safety training to the trainee in a safe environment and point out the dangers, the pitfalls and the correct method of going about a rescue mission. Our videos also discuss how to administer first aid to an operative or individual who may have suffered an injury.

We simulate rescue operations indoors in our training facility as well as outdoors on structures that mimic real-life situations. Bridges, cranes, observation towers, wind turbines and other structures are ideal for all our training circumstances.

For more videos on training situations, please contact us.

Rope Access Training Videos
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