How to Start a Career in the Rope Access Industry 

Rope access is a safe and efficient method for workers to access difficult-to-reach locations without scaffolding or aerial platforms. If you have a head for heights, are physically fit, and love to work outdoors, a career in the rope access industry may be a great fit for you. 

Getting Started 

The first step in starting a career in the industry is to get trained. IRATA offers a three-tiered training structure with IRATA Level 1 being the entry-level course aimed at individuals with little or no previous experience.  

Qualifications and Requirements 

To become a certified IRATA Technician you must be at least 18 years of age, be in good physical health, and be free from any medical conditions that could prevent you from working safely. You will also need to complete an IRATA Level 1 course and pass the assessment.  This course lasts for five days and includes one day of assessment. Level 1 is very practical and there is not much theory involved. 

 Working in the Industry 

As a certified Rope Access Technician you will be able to perform a range of rope access manoeuvres and have an understanding of the current legislation. IRATA Level 1 technicians are required to be supervised by an IRATA Level 3 technician. 

Rope access teams are in high demand in the construction, civil engineering and oil and gas industries. The duties of Rope Access Technicians vary greatly depending on experience and qualifications, however, potential jobs include maintenance work, welding, painting and repair work. 

The Benefits of a Career in Rope Access 

A career in this industry is a great choice for those who love to work outdoors and are looking for a challenging and exciting career. The role offers a wide range of different skills and duties and you will constantly be learning and improving your skills. Additionally, with the growing demand for rope access work, you will have plenty of opportunities for career growth and advancement. 

Starting a career in the rope access industry can be a great choice. With IRATA training and certification you will have the skills and qualifications you need to start your career in this exciting and fast growing industry. 

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